Facebook live video within business page?

8 billion views and 100 million hours worth of reasons why you should do a Facebook live video within your business profile. What do you think Facebook live video yes or no? Facts: There are 100 million hours of video watched every day on Facebook. Video generates...

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Growing your instagram follow for free

The power of Instagram is undeniable. Instagram has – like all other social media platforms – a strategy you can utilize. This way will help you to grow your account without a monetary investment – just an investment of your time. Are you in? I...

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Increase your facebook likes for free

I am a fan of organic growth on fan pages on Facebook and Instagram. I am searching ways how to organically increase engagement, likes, shares, comments on fan pages in niches. I am aware that it is not the easy way to do it, but I believe that the audience reached...

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Will she make it?

I asked myself after a year and a half. I will tell you what actually happened first, and I will get to the answering the question later. I have a friend who wants to change her career path. She is not in her 20’s, but she is 40+. I would not be normally writing...

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“Fear you feel is not something to go away from, fear is actually a guidance through life.”  – Petra


“Everybody is looking for a quick win but that is not going to set you up for a long term.” – Petra

When you take inspired action in your life, lack and limitations fall by the wayside. Amazing how that works! When you follow your passion, others are attracted to you. Why put a ceiling on what you can achieve, create, earn and be when you can have a life of your choosing!

XO - Petra