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How can we work together?

The online strategy supports digital transformation and company growth.

Are you already online and have a vision for where you want your brand to go? The end goal is clear to you, but you do not know how to achieve it? Don’t know how to position yourself, how to create a trusted brand, how to reach customers, and properly encourage them to buy from you?


  • We define who is your avatar (ideal customer) – Without knowing what PROBLEM your Ideal Customer is facing, you can’t position your product/service as a SOLUTION for them.
  • We define communication strategy for Landing pages, Web page, Facebook and/or Instagram, E-mail
  • We define a strategy for a sales funnel and goals (Facebook ads and/or Instagram ads, E-mail, landing pages)
  • The strategy can be for one campaign (product/services) or for the whole brand

It is all about storytelling. Does your brand, your product/service tell a story or it just has a raw description?

My goal is to tell a story around your product or service. To write an emotional and transformational story that will touch your ideal customer’s heart.

I tell a story through design (images, video, gif) and writing.

People don’t buy products, they buy solutions to their problems. People are buying a TRANSFORMATION they want in their lives.

Promoting a product or a service saying how great the product’s features are, how advanced your technology is, or how great your company is…. will NOT sell that product or service.

After I create a landing page and structure a communication strategy, it is time for me to create ads that will generate sales and leads.

I create design, landing page and I write copy for ads.

We set the budget and goals of each campaign.

Want to set up a new website or replace an existing one?

Your website is crucial to your business. When creating a website, it is very important to know who your ideal customer is and how to address them.

If a website does not speak to your ideal customer with its content and graphics, it is better not to have one at all.

In my experience, the first thing the client usually does is try to find a programmer for the creation of their website, who is qualified enough to technically set up  a website according to the client’s instructions.

If you don’t have experiences in setting up websites, copywriting and you don’t know how to successfully communicate with your ideal customer, your website will not serve its purpose and in the end it will be a bad investment for you.

Programmers know how to make a website, marketers know how to sell a product/service.


  • Advising you on choosing the right platform to set up your site
  • Customizing your texts to address your ideal customer
  • Advising you on the functionality of your site
  • Helping you choose a programmer if you still don’t have one
  • Introducing you to a User Experience Expert (UX Expert) included in the website design process itself

Would you like me to advise you on presenting your product/service to your ideal customer? Would you like me to show you how to address your customer through ads copy, ads design, and email sequences?

Would you like me to help you choose the platform to build your site and landing page? Would you like me to advise you on selecting the right email automation provider?

I advise you, and then you take the steps yourself.

If that is the case, then consulting is the right choice for you.

We made great things together

Why I do what I do?

Because I believe a business like yours can change the world.

I believe in …

I believe in a profitable online business with integrity and purpose.

Now it is your turn

Do you want to become a company that is NOT chasing customers but it is attracting them instead?

I am with my knowledge and experiences here for you to make that happen.


Write me an E-mail at: petra@petrapsenicnik.com

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